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We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Jeff Carter Moore, Sr., born May 25, 1883 in Moore County, Tennessee, was the original founder of what is  known today as Moore-Cortner Funeral Home. Mr. Moore, a pharmacist by profession, was a funeral director for some 60 years before retiring in 1959. About 1905 he established J.C. Moore Funeral Home, which later became J.C. Moore and Sons Funeral Home. Left, Creator of Moore Funeral Home, J.C. Moore 1921.

Mr. Moore's son, Watson Moore, was associated with him for several years and continued to operate the business after Mr. Moore's retirement. Watson Moore operated the funeral home under the name of Moore Funeral Home until his death in 1965. His wife continued to operate the funeral home until May 1966 at which time she sold her interest to Mr. Robert Cortner, who had been associated with the firm since September 1965. At that time, the name was changed to Moore-Cortner Funeral Home. While our competitors have been bought and sold many times, our firm was simply transferred from family to another in our hundred-year history.

In the early years when J.C. Moore, Sr. operated the funeral home, it had several different locations in Winchester but has been located at 300 First Avenue N.W. since 1931.Moore-Cortner Funeral Home a Franklin County tradition for over a hundred years.

Bob and Jim Cortner in 1986 in Winchester Parade on Horse Drawn Hearse.
Moore-Cortner Funeral Home after purchase by the Cortners.
First Ambulance in Franklin County with Jeff Moore-Driver and his daughter Katherine.